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Installation on Linux (Client Mode)

XplicitTrust can run on Linux systems in two modes:

  • Client Mode: for regular users to access services (like SSH, HTTPS, remote desktop, etc).

  • Asset Mode: services (like SSH, HTTPS, remote desktop, etc) can be remotely accessed from an XplicitTrust client, or from another system running in asset mode.

On this page are the instructions for Client Mode:


  1. On the firewall:
    Allow TCP port 443 (“HTTPS”) outgoing (usually already enabled).
    If possible, allow UDP port range 51820 - 60000 outgoing for best experience

  2. Your admin has created an account with XplicitTrust.


1) Run:

sudo apt update
sudo apt --yes install wireguard wireguard-tools wget iptables ipset
sudo dpkg -i xtna-agent_amd64.deb
sudo usermod <USERNAME> -a -G xtna-users

2) Login as the linux user provided in USERNAME. If you are already logged in as this user, you need to relogin, for the group membership to be applied.

3) Run with your company email address:

xtna-agent -u <your_email_address>

Tested Linux Distributions:

Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 21.10, Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 23.04, Debian Bullseye (11), Debian Bookworm (12)