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Changes in Release 0.835 (2023/01/22)

  • Console

    • Administrators can now fixate the listen port for Assets when the connection classification detects problematic NAT that prevents peer-to-peer tunnels. This allows configuring port forwarding NAT/Router to optimize connectivity.
    • Continue button on the login page now gets automatically selected, thus pressing enter twice during login works properly
    • Accessing the Insight view of a Client Policy now also works in Partner console as expected
  • DNS Names

    • Linux agent now also resolves the DNS Names
    • Virtual Assets now also support configuration of multiple DNS Names. The former Name field has been migrated to DNS Names.
    • In Asset to asset peerings the DNS Names of the Accessible Assets are available to the Authorized Assets, but not the other way around.
  • Events

    • Creating an Asset with xtna-util now also creates an event
    • Partner entering or leaving a tenat now shows the name of the tenant selected
  • Issues fixed

    • Azure Group synchronization now works properly
    • In the tray icon of the windows asset the Authorized Assets are no longer shown