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Changes in Release 0.846 (2023/04/09)

  • Subnet Routing

    • Subnets can now be added on the Gateways page.
    • A Subnet requires a Linux Asset as Providing Asset the same way a Virtual Asset does.
    • Every Client/Asset which gets access to the Providing Asset also gets access to the Subnet behind it.
    • In this case the traffic is routed over the Providing Asset.
    • If a Client/Asset has already a network interface in the Subnet it keeps using this interface and not routing via the Providing Asset.
  • Virtual Assets

    • Virtual Assets have been moved to the Gateways page.
  • Microsoft Azure AD permissions

    • Changes to the Azure AD application require that the Admin Consent in Azure AD is re-granted. This can be done from the settings menu in the XplicitTrust Command Console or in the Tenant details in the XplicitTrust Partner Portal. For more information please refer to: Azure AD Application Admin Consent
    • Read all groups has been replaced by the more restrictive Read all group memberships permission
    • Read domains permission has been added. It will be used in the next release to allow the management of login domains.
    • Please refer to the documentation for details about the required permissions, why they are required and how they are used.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Various visual improvements for the Dashboard page and its Tooltips.
    • If the left navigation menu of the Management/Partner Console gets collapsed, it stays collapsed across logins.