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Changes in Release 0.845 (2023/04/02)

  • DNS name handling

    • When editing an Asset/Virtual Asset all the DNS names now have an Edit and Delete icon.
    • Using the Edit icon brings it's name into the DNS Names input box, where it can be edited and saved.
    • The DNS Names input box now also works as a search field. After inserting a String into it, only the DNS Names are shown which contain this String.
    • Very long DNS Names are truncated, thus the icons are still accessible. A tooltip provides the full name.
  • Tenant settings
    We bring the settings previously only editable from the Partner Portal to the Management Console. These settings can be accessed by hovering over the Tenant name in the top right corner and selecting Settings. Here one can:

    • Grant the Azure AD Admin Consent if it was not given properly during the initial login.
    • Configure the Authentication Settings introduced in Release 0.839.
    • Configure the Tunnel Network.
  • Wireguard peering improvements
    We did several improvements for the wireguard peering which should ultimately result in:

    • less frequent complete interface restarts
    • direct peering of clients across different subnets where possible
    • less retries of previously failed direct peerings
  • Miscellaneous

    • We provide Tooltips for the +N boxes at the end of an truncated listing, thus one can quickly see the truncated items.
    • We fixed an issue where the client was endless stuck after a failed clearing of the wireguard interface.