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Changes in Release 0.831 (2022/12/18)

  • Peering of Assets reworked

    • there is a new menu Asset Policies on the left
    • behaviour is comparable to the existing User based Policies
    • the sub menu Peered Assets in the Asset configuration is replaced by the corresponding Asset Policies sub menu
  • Console

    • introducing Insight view for Assets and Clients
      • when selecting an Asset/Client a new icon is available in the top right to access Insight
      • in this view we list all the peers for the corresponding Asset or Client determined by the policies
    • several improvements for resizing and different screen sizes
    • fixed: +N boxes not correctly shown in some colums
  • Agent

    • fixed: timeout issue when creating a new Asset with the xtna-util -c
    • for MacOS we now fully accept the default browser (also for exotic ones)