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Changes in Release 0.855 (2023/06/11)

  • Sign-Up Page

    • There is a new sign-up page at
    • Here we offer all currently supported authentication methods for selection.
    • Once selected and successfully authenticated, we will create a tenant with that authentication method registered.
    • All users of a tenant created in this way must authenticate with the selected authentication method.
  • Strict Rule Enforcement

    • On the tenant Settings page we now offer a new option Strict Role Enforcement.
    • Only Azure and BareID tenants have this option.
    • When enabled, it restricts authentication to users who have an explicitly assigned XplicitTrust Network Access application user role in the Azure or BareID directory.
    • In addition to successful authentication, the Policies that determine what asset a user is granted access to apply.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Fixed: a rare race condition where some individual peers would not get a relay connection between each other.
    • Relay: more debug output and traffic counters for relayed connections to better understand some relay issues.
    • We now list the IdP directory object ID of Users and User Groups in the detail view of the objects.