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Signing up with Microsoft Azure AD


A Microsoft Azure ActiveDirectory account with one of the following admin privileges:

  • Global Administrator
  • Application Administrator
  • Cloud Application Administrator

Sign Up

Sign Up Screen

  • Click the Signup button.

  • Follow the Microsoft login process.

  • When presented with the Microsoft "Permissions Requested" screen, please check the "Consent on behalf of your organization" box (very important) and click Accept:

First Permissions Screen

  • Next, the process will ask you to sign in for a second time, and present you with a second Microsoft "Permissions Requested" screen. Please click Accept here also:

First Permissions Screen

Why Do We Need These Permissions?

We need these permissions to be able to use Microsoft Azure ActiveDirectory as your single sign-on provider, and to allow you to create access policies (based on Azure AD group memberships) in our admin portal. For more information please refer to: Azure AD Application Admin Consent