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Installation on MacOS (in Client Mode)

XplicitTrust can run on MacOS systems in two modes:

  • Client Mode: for regular users to access services (like SSH, HTTPS, remote desktop, etc).

  • Asset Mode: services (like SSH, HTTPS, remote desktop, etc) can be remotely accessed from an XplicitTrust client, or from another system running in asset mode.

On this page are the instructions for Client Mode.


  1. Your admin has created an account with XplicitTrust.


  1. Depending on the Chip your MAC device runs youn need to download one of the following files

  2. Double-click on the downloaded pkg file.

  3. Enter your email address in the Settings dialog box (accessible over the system tray menu):

Settings Dialog Box

You can see the status of your XplicitTrust MacOS client in the menu bar:

Running XplicitTrust tunnels are up and running, click on it to see status information.

Authenticating Agent is authenticating itself, tunnels are not up yet.

Offline Agent is offline.