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Changes in Release 0.832 (2022/12/25)

  • DNS Names for Assets and Clients introduced

    • multiple DNS Names can be assigned to a single Asset or Client
    • case insensitive uniqueness is enforced accross all DNS Names
    • old Name attribute has been removed and value added to DNS Names
    • shown identifier for an Asset or Client is now the Hostname, as configured on the device directly
    • Hostnames are DNS Names and take precedende over any configured DNS Names
  • Console

    • Insight now also available for Policies
    • Insighs for Assets and Clients can be drilled down by selecting a matching Policy
  • Issues fixed

    • Asset Policies required both directions to work properly
    • configuring Services on Linux Assets blocked some outgoing traffic
    • Mac OS: removed dock icon
    • Mac OS: Fixed issue where "xtna-agent" would interupt system shutdown