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Changes in Release 1.003 (2024/05/18)

  • Management Console

    • New: Policy mass actions now include Destination manipulation.
    • New: When editing policies, it is now possible to change existing OS conditions.
    • Fixed: Anti-virus condition in a policy didn't match any windows client.
    • Fixed: Creating Service Definitions when creating/editing of an Asset/Virtual Asset/Subnet didn't navigate back on cancel or back arrow.
  • Agents

    • Fixed: Windows Agent didn't display settings window when scaling was set to >100%.
    • Fixed: Running xtna-util on an asset for another tenant required the service to be restarted.
    • Fixed: Not finishing "Sign in..." resulted in an unresponsive user interface.
    • Fixed: Updater for RPM didn't work. To fix existing RPM-based Linux agents, please run as root:
      systemctl stop xtna-updater
      curl -o /tmp/xt.rpm
      dnf install -y /tmp/xt.rpm