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Changes in Release 0.841 (2023/03/05)

  • Diagnostics

    • New detail view for connections shows network details, traffic and connection status
    • Data is now always refreshed when accessing the Diagnostics page
    • Filter now supports a src: or dst: prefix for the client/asset name or IP address.
  • Azure AD Guest User Support

    • Management Console supports login for Azure Active Directory Guest Users. Guest users can choose Advanced and provide a domain for the tenant to access at the login screen.
    • Client and xtna-util authentication will support Guest Users in the next release.
  • External DNS Server
    Inital support for setting a DNS Server for specific search domains on Microsoft Windows. This feature is currently not configurable in the Management Console and Partner Portal. Please contact us, if you want to test it.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Dashboard hanging in a loading loop should not occur any longer.
    • Creating an asset with the xtna-util now also generates an event.
    • Active Connections are also shown correctly when accessing a tenant dashboard from the partner console.
    • Info view can now always be closed in small screen resolutions.