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Changes in Release 0.839 (2023/02/19)

  • Authentication Settings
    To improve security we introduce two new Authentication Settings which can be configured in the partner console on the tenants page (while in edit mode for a specific tenant):

    • With the first slider one can configure how stringent the user authentication requirements for this tenant should be. The available levels are:
      • Users rarely needs to authenticate (SSO)
      • Users always need to authenticate at login (no SSO)
      • Users always need to authenticate at login (no SSO) and when resuming a locked MS Windows session
      • Users always need to authenticate at login (no SSO) and get logged out when a MS Windows session is locked Please note: the last two levels -currently- only work under Windows.
    • With the second slider on this page a fixed timer after which users need to reauthenticate can set between 0.5 hours and unlimited time.
    • Both options work independent of each other.
  • Diagnostics
    We now have a Diagnostics page in the console, which can be found on the left navigation panel below events. This page shows connections between online peers and the ping and jitter in both directions.

  • Issues fixed

    • Mac OS Agent: Rarely seen crash of agent when started during OS sleep will not occur any longer.
    • Client Filters: Now the country filter is also correctly applied if client is created after filter was configured.