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Changes in Release 0.893 (2024/03/03)

  • Partner Portal

    • New Partner Definitions page: Partners can define services to be used in their tenants.
    • New Settings page: Payment method, billing contact and technical contact can be defined.
    • New Subscriptions page: Partner can manage subscriptions of it's tenants.
    • New Deal Registration page: Partner can register new deals and create tenants from these registered deals.
  • Windows Security Posture

    • XplicitTrust agents on Windows Clients and Assets now report their security posture. The posture is shown in the detail view.
    • It is now possible to enforce a specific anti-virus or firewall product for Windows Clients and Assets in a Policy.
  • Management Console

    • The Dashboard and Activity pages have been optimized for smoother scrolling in large data sets.
  • Agents

    • Fixed: Rare deadlock lock required a restart of the background service.