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Changes in Release 0.840 (2023/02/26)

  • Diagnostics

    • Connection traffic volume was added for both directions as well as a filtering option
    • Only the newest Ping/Jitter is displayed in the table
    • When asymmetric routing is detected in multi-uplink scenarios, the Public IP is colored orange
    • Additional information about the involved IP addresses is shown in the Public IP tooltip
    • We indicate the type of the connection by the color of the connection icon
      • Green: local connection between peers in the same Local Area Network (LAN)
      • Black: direct connection established over the Internet
      • Orange: connection is using the XplicitTrust Relay Service
  • Console

    • Active Connections statistics have been added to the Dashboard
    • On the Assets page we now indicate if the asset is providing access to Virtual Assets by the Virtual Asset icon inbetween Country / Public & Tunnel IP and Tags
    • In the Insights we now show the Virtual Assets in a subtree below the Providing Asset
    • Display all DNS Names in the edit view
  • Miscellaneous

    • It is now possible to trigger a reconnection of an Asset/Client by disabling it and then re-enabling it after 5 seconds
    • Changing a users application role in the Identity Provider (role Management.Admin) doesn't lead to authentication issues with that user any longer
    • Improved connectivity classification: assets/clients have been incorrectly classified as having a suboptimal connectivity