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Changes in Release 0.891 (2024/02/18)

  • Windows Client Postures

    • In the User Client view a new section shows security related information for Windows clients such as
      • Domain membership
      • Anti-Virus Product
      • Anti-Virus Status
      • Anti-Virus Signatures
      • Anti-Virus Health
      • Windows Update Status
      • Windows Security Center Status
  • Force Client Re-authentication

    • There is a new button on Diagnostics which forces all User Clients to re-authenticate against the identity provider. The main use case is to make changes to the authentication settings of the identity provider take effect immediately and not only when the access token expires.
  • Partner Portal and Management Console

    • Fixed: Authentication refresh would sometimes not work properly, resulting in a blank console and requiring the user to log out and log in again.
    • Fixed: Navigating to an configuration object from the quick view, did not select it on the corresponding object table.
    • UX and design of text input fields and buttons across the UI has been unified for consistency and better use of space.